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Informal Settlement


Story by UNICEF Lebanon June 27th, 2016

What do you hate about life in an informal tent settlement?

“That these are our homes now. They‘re made of wooden panels and some pieces of fabric and tarpaulin. Our furniture is simply the love that fills our tents; it hugs our bodies and protects us from the heat and the cold.” - Taghreed Izzidine, 15.

UNICEF Lebanon teamed up with journalist Venetia Rainey to give the students at Beyond Association Bekaa Valley Youth Press Club an opportunity to be photojournalists for a day and document their own lives. Each child was given a question, a camera, and a piece of paper. These are their responses - in their own words, as seen through their own eyes.

This is part of a series of 12 mini reports produced by the Press Club, which gives young Syrian refugees from informal tent settlements in the Zahle area, a chance to talk about the daily issues they face while learning valuable photography and writing skills. The program is made possible by UNICEF Lebanon, who in 2015 alone provided assistance to roughly 1.2 million vulnerable children - Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian - across the country.

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